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The Employer

Whether you need employees for short term or permanent, we can provide you the people you need for increased productivity and cost savings to your bottom line. Precept provides reliable, professional industrial, administrative, healthcare and other...

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The Job Seeker

You have the power to control how much you earn and where your career goes. Take control by becoming essential to your company. You're equipped with knowledge and skills. Now, enhance your job search with the resources from...

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The Interview Process

We aim to make this process as seamless possible to get you what you need quickly. Job Seekers come by our office and fill out an application. Bring your resume and let us find the perfect position for you. Employers, let us partner with your...

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What’s Trending in Staffing Now

Technology Will Separate the Contenders From the Pretenders

Speaking of technology, staffing firms have taken a proactive approach to technology adoption: 64 percent of firms use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track candidate activity and 60 percent use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for business development… 2 out of 5 staffing pros predict an increase in tech investments in the coming year”


Precept Staffing is Stepping It Up

Creative, innovative and inspiring. At Precepts we are taking strides in moving  our business of personnel staffing into the next century. Adapting to the wave of a more advanced technological presence while providing a quality workforce aware of the need for technological insights in all areas of business today.

Precept Staffing was founded in 1999. We are a Temporary and Permanent employment staffing agency. We have a Certified Professional Drug Testing Division*. We are locally owned and operated. We specialize in light and heavy industrial job placement. Other areas of job placement include clerical and administrative. We are strategically located to serve you first.

  • Amazing advancement in drug testing results
  • A wide selection of resume templates available
  • Online management of client’s profile for future job placement
  • A ton of options for job placement and hiring

ADTS (Advanced Drug Testing Services)

Advance Drug Testing Services offers comprehensive
and confidential drug testing services for your
convenience. See ADTS
US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics